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Hi I am Mani, a physical therapist who moved from MI to AZ with a desire to escape the prolonged winters and in pursuit of knowledge to extend my scope of practice. I became a PA to be of more help as the reach, the dynamics and ability to make a difference in a patient’s life is much better as a medical provider. I did my MS PT at Oakland University in Michigan and MS PA program at Northern Arizona University in Phoenix Biomedical Campus. I happened to be an “above-average” kid, who did well academically, with a passion for Biology & Biomechanics, aversion towards Mathematics, and nature to question things.

I believe in social justice and a strong advocate for patient’s right & well-being. I dream of the scenario when the complex and underwhelming healthcare system in the US really becomes the best in the world and a basic human right where the quality care becomes accessible & affordable to everyone.

Other than trying to keep up with the news & fascinating discoveries in the field of medicine, I love riding my motorcycle, traveling, world news, learning about cultures, architecture, philately and technology. I find clinical practice by being on the field & a hands-on clinician more fascinating and satisfying than doing research / being confined into writing journals and wrestling with statistics. I value compassion, integrity, responsibility and sincerity. I am happy to be a part of the team and be a vehicle of making difference in peoples’ lives.

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  • Masters of Physical Therapy
    Oakland University in Michigan

  • Masters of Physician Assistant
    Northern Arizona University
    Phoenix Biomedical Campus

Hobbies & Pastimes

  • Riding my motorcycle

  • Traveling

  • World News

  • Learning about cultures

  • Architecture

  • Philately

  • Technology

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