Perfect 10 Basics:


Perfect 10 is as simple as it sounds. It's just $39.99/month, $10/office visit or $5/Nurse Visit, and all ancillary services are a la carte. It's less than a cup of coffee a day, and there are no catches or hidden fees. There is no limit to the number of visits you can have, no entrance exams, and all pre-existing conditions are covered. It's quality care at an affordable, transparent price and it really is that simple.

Q: Is there a deductible?


A: No, there is no deductible and no hidden fees. $10/visit and $39.99/month, that's it.

Q: What do you mean when you say “transparent” and why is it important?

A: Transparency means that we are showing patients where every dollar they spend goes; before they sign up and before the service is provided. Patients will never get a surprise bill for services that they didn’t know they received. Transparency empowers patients to make informed decisions about how their healthcare dollars are spent.

Q: I don’t have insurance, why should I look at Perfect 10?

A: If you do not currently have insurance coverage, the Perfect 10 Plan offers you primary care for less than you would pay as a Self Pay Patient. While some offices and urgent care’s charge as much $200 for an office visit, with Perfect 10 at MY DR NOW you would only pay $10 per office visit.

Q: I have an insurance plan with a high deductible, how can Perfect 10 help me?

A: Coupling the Perfect 10 Plan with your high deductible insurance plan gives you access to primary care for only $10 a visit while still giving you the peace of mind of knowing that if an emergency happened, your high deductible insurance plan would be there to help cover hospital expenses.

Q: What if I have a pre-existing condition?

A: We want to offer the Perfect 10 plan to everyone. No matter how big or small, you will never be denied because of a pre-existing condition.

Q: How do you make it affordable?

A: Healthcare costs are so high because of all the administrative costs created by the government and billion-dollar insurance companies. We keep our prices down by breaking them up and showing them to you clearly so you can make informed decisions. By providing our own plan, cutting out the billion-dollar insurance companies and million-dollar executive salaries, we can pass the savings directly on to you. It’s transparency and it’s how we keep our prices low. It’s really that simple.

Q: Is this insurance?

A: The Perfect 10 Plan is a discounted healthcare plan that we are able to offer as a part of your Medical Home. One of the biggest reasons that we are able to offer such low prices is because it’s not insurance. Being a discounted health plan we are able to cut out the high administrative costs of operating an insurance plan and pass those savings on to you.

Q: Is Perfect 10 a part of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare)?

A: Because the perfect 10 plan is not insurance it does not meet the requirements of “Credible Coverage” defined in Obamacare. One possible solution for you would be to couple the Perfect 10 Plan with a High Deductible Insurance plan. Doing this could provide you with affordable primary care and emergency care coverage that satisfies Obamacare, for less per month than a traditional low deductible insurance plan.

Q: Can I join Perfect 10 if I have insurance from Medicare or Medicaid (AHCCCS)?

A: While we wish we could offer this plan to everyone, because of government regulations we are unable to offer the Perfect 10 Plan to patients who currently participate in a Medicare or Medicaid program.

Q: Can patients participate in other promotional programs?

A: In order to offer the low affordable prices that we do, we had to be as efficient as possible. That meant not including the promotional programs that only some Perfect 10 members would use so that we could offer lower prices to every Perfect 10 member.

Q: Are specialist visits covered?

A: Specialists are not currently covered under the Perfect 10 Plan. By concentrating on Primary Care we are able to offer the great savings of the Perfect 10 Plan to a greater number of patients.

Q: How much are DOT physicals and sports physicals with The Perfect 10 Plan?

A: Every office visit is just $10, even for DOT and Sports Physicals.

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