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We all live busy lives and sometimes our schedules are unpredictable. We can’t always schedule appointments weeks in advance, or bounce around between clinics, urgent cares and other offices just to get our needs met. How we shop, travel, communicate and use transportation have all changed, but healthcare hasn't. MY DR NOW was built on the premise of delivering quality healthcare in the fastest, most efficient an affordable manner possible. Many times our providers can take care of your needs in a much faster and affordable manner by using our telemedicine platform (coming soon). There are times a provider may need to see you directly and we can come to your home, work or facility. And if you prefer, you can always walk-in or schedule an appointment in one of our convenient neighborhood clinics. Your experience matters so we take a people centric approach and build everything around that. We’re changing the healthcare industry by using smart technology, robotics and our open platform to not only make healthcare much more convenient, but to also prevent human error. These are wonderful times and we are honored to be given the privilege to care for you.


Providers are just as dissatisfied with healthcare as patients. Burnout is at an all-time high and many are choosing to retire much earlier than they had planned. Providers are frustrated of being treated like entry level employees, micromanaged and pushed to see more and more patients just to meet quotas. Forty percent of a provider’s time is spent on paperwork and not on direct patient care. The MY DR NOW way encourages providers to be empowered, take charge of their careers and be treated like professionals again. Our providers can choose to work when they want, how much they want and even how much time they spend with patients. They can choose to work in our clinics, do house calls or deliver services using our telemedicine platform (coming soon). Whether you are a physician, mid-level, primary care provider, specialist, therapist, dietician or are involved with direct patient care in any way, we have room for you on our growing platform. Take charge of your career and contact us today.