Do Good. Be Good.

Our motto at MY DR NOW is “Do Good. Be Good.” We do this every day in our clinics by providing excellent medical care and truly caring about our patients.

Recently we were able to expand this vision beyond our clinics and “Do Good” in our community. In August, we partnered with Feed My Starving Children, a non-profit organization with a branch in Mesa. They focus on packing nutrient rich meals for children and shipping them to countries that need it the most. On August 30th we volunteered our time and energy in assembling meal packs for the Philippines. In just 2 hours we were able to contribute to the work of others and collectively packed enough food to feed 102 children for an entire year!

Not only did it feel amazing to be part of such a large impact for so many individuals but Feed My Starving Children made the process fun from start to finish. From the moment we walked into the food packing area we knew it was going to be a good time. We worked as a team to the beat of songs like “Party in the USA” and “We are the Champions.” This sparked a bit of a competition between tables to see who could pack the most boxes. Each time we finished packing a box of 36 meals we would yell, “MY DR NOW, table 5, box 25,” or whatever number box we had just finished packing. This let the crew know we were ready for our box to be picked up and let the other tables know where we were in our packing. As it turns out, we’re pretty competitive and if you ask our CEO, Dr. Zamani, who packed the most boxes, he’ll absolutely tell you it was us!

It’s wonderful to work with team members that care about our community and the world. Helping others by working together only makes us stronger as an organization. How will you “Do Good” today?

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