House Calls

MY DR NOW offers home visits to people of all ages. Our Team of experienced doctors and nurses specializes in providing healthcare in the comfort of your own home.

We accept most insurances and are adding more everyday. If you don’t have insurance we have plans like the LIVN Smart Plan that features House Calls visits for just $69.99.

No matter what care you need for our providers are here for you. From simple care and family practice to annual exams and immunizations, our providers do it all in the comfort of your home.

Give us a call find out what care in the comfort of your own home feels. We offer same day appointments and have providers state wide ready to come to you.

Service Area

Maricopa County
Pinal County
Prescott/Prescott Valley
Chino Valley
Gila Valley


Monday – Friday
8 am – 8 pm
Saturday & sunday
8 am – 4 pm

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House Calls Providers


Jeanne Carver, FNP-C

Mani Murugesan, PA

Cayla Graham, FNP-C

Amory Grijaldo, PA-C

Joan Denny, FNP-C

Suzanna Harrison, APNP


Claudia Angulo, FNP-C

Caren Omondi, FNP-C

Theresa Lee, FNP-C

Karen Jamison, FNP-C

Tiffany Bailey, FNP-C

Melinda Newman, FNP-C

Albert “Ray” Tuttle, PA-C

Camilla Binks, FNP-C

Mary Grace Leon, FNP-C

Cami McCarley, FNP-C

Dawn Maxwell, FNP-C

Yvette Thorson, PA-C

Edo Avochinou, PA-C

Wilhelmina Somera, FNP-C

Toni Sharon, FNP-C

Elizabeth Ruiz, FNP-C

Rebecca Anchonda, ANP-C

Allie Catania, PA-C

Cristy Lou Rigrish, FNP-C

Daniel Shalabi, FNP-C

Robert Strong, PA-C

Roy Montgomery, PA-C

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